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Androxal = Enclomiphine.. Getting it as a Research Chemical?

So I know Androxal was officially denied from production under somewhat conspicuous reasons from the FDA last year, i was extremely dissapointed.

Clomid works wonders for me as far as effectiveness in boosting my T and symptom elevation, i can get 600+ at 6mg twice a week and i feel great, problem is, it causes major floaters and vision problems, so far, i got like one permanent floater, the rest go away after cessation, but its too scary to risk it…

I looked up “enclomiphine” which is the chemical name for Androxal, and apparently you can order it legally as a research chemical!?

I dont know if its the enclomiphine or zuclomiphine which causes visual problems in clomid, but i havent heard of anything about vision sides when i was researching on Androxal back in the day, and im willing to experiment and find out, if it causes vision sides i would stop…

its a little pricy but with my low dosage i dont think its very bad at all

Is getting enclomiphine the same as getting Androxal technically???

Anyone ever heard of this or tried it? would it still cause vision sides? im really thinking about getting it just because of how great clomid works for me, Novla and so forth doesnt give me nearly as good symptomatic aleviation and i have to take way more to achieve the same effect, somehow clomid and my brain magically “clicks” and im extremely dissapointed about the vision sides, but i wonder if enclomiphine alone would avoid that…?? thoughts?

If you find a place that you trust, it might work. Let us know your experience.