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Has anyone heard of, or have experience with, a product called Androvin? A friend told me he used it to get his test levels back to normal and it increased his sex drive quite a bit. No side effects either. Well, maybe the increased sex drive could be considered a side effect...fine with me though. Any thoughts?


I was bored so I found the Androvin website, it contains "natural substances" requiring no prescription. That is all they will say it contains, it sounds like expensive Arginine, I would suggest its shit and won't do anything for you recovery.


I agree with BigDave, if you want to recover go with Serophene or Clomid and then start Red Kat and Tribex... Trust me Red Kat lives up to its reputation.


:: Ok, I checked out Clomid & Serophene on Google & they'e for female fertility problems....not sure what's up with that, doesn't sound like something that's going to help reinforce or activate an erection but I would like to know what "RED KAT" is. Thanks.


Then you need to do some research. Clomiphene acts on the estrogen receptor blocking the effects of estrogen in certain tissues in the body. Short version: the body senses less estrogen, upping testosterone production and thus increasing sex drive. It also acts in other ways to increase sex drive, but that's the gist of it.