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Androstenedione (Nor-19)

I am at the second week into my 4 week cycle. This is my first cycle ever, and how offen can I train? Not realy seening the result I wanted, yet unsure what I expect to see. I need more size for my first show, can this product help (NOR-19 cycle)?

I am so confused by every aspect of this post that I now need a nap. Perhaps you should change your name from “Mr. Needs More Size” to “Mr. Needs To Be More Specific”. Let us know in detail what exactly your “cycle” consists of, and why you are doing it (99.9% of physique competitors actually diet down in the final weeks before a contest, not try to add size).

Norandrostenedione is notorious for causing
gyno. I would not use it. Oral nor-dione
is not so effective for building muscle either.

The answer to all prohormone ?'s is now: MAG-10! Nuff said!!