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Androstenedione and Canada

Say if someone wanted to buy some 4-ad-ec. Say this someone lives in British Columbia, Canada. Say the customs office decides to check the package. Now, would the customs office simply seize the package, or would this be considered a criminal act? I know there are at least a few Canadians on here who are wondering the same thing…

Well, some of my mail got tagged about a month and a half ago. It was full of Mag-10 and I’ve yet to hear anything however:

My understanding of the situation is that while attempting to bring that in to the country is a violation of the criminal code all they do is sieze and theoretically return it to the company that shipped it (yeah, right). However, from now on whatever I try to bring into the country will be opened and searched as my name is tagged in the computers.

There are other ways to bring it into the country however, most of us I think would prefer not to discuss it on here though for obvious reasons.


They’ll either destroy it or send it back to where you ordered it from. You won’t get arrested.

I see…so while you don’t get arrested, you do get blacklisted :stuck_out_tongue:

They can charge you, but they don’t typically consider it to be a priority to go after people trying to bring stuff in through the mail like us. Instead they label us as criminals and set about searching everything you ever order in for the rest of your life, even if the box says “Girl Guide Cookies.” Not to mention the trouble they can put you through at the border, if they feel like it. Just ask them to use lube before they go rummaging around in there. Ouch.

Guys I have a quick question …If I found somewhere here in Canada to buy Mag-10 right of the shelf, so to speak, what would be a fair price …considering it avoids all the hassles (customs, exchange rates, etc)?

100-125 bucks would be my guess, all things considered.

Most of the places here in Toronto that I know of sell Mag-10 for $200cdn and Ergopharm’s 1-AD sells for about $140.


$130 here in Fredericton, and Friday’s payday!!! Thanks for the response.

CDN, it seems to go for about $200 here in Calgary.