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If androstenediol exerts it’s effects by converting into testosterone (a class I steroid) how can it be classified as a class II steroid?

Because the “if” is not the case.

4-Androstenediol is 95% as potent as
testosterone on injection. Since nowhere
near 95% is converted, more like 10% or less, the
anabolic results are mostly achieved
by 4-AD itself not by the small amount
that’s converted to testosterone.

As an illustration, with Androsol we elevate
4-AD levels by 3000 ng/dL or more but T levels
by only about 300 ng/dL. That small T elevation is nowhere near enough to account for the gains that users experience. 300 ng/dL has very little noticeable effect on anyone with normal T in the first place. But the effect
of Androsol is very noticeable.

So you’re saying that if you injected 1000mg per week of 4-AD you’d experience more or less the same effect as 1000mg of a testosterone ester? If that’s the case then why do people even bother with testosterone, since the other is perfectly legal?

It’s not quite as simple. When drugs don’t
work the exact same way, it can easily be
that while perhaps 500 mg of Drug A
gives the same results as Drug B, 1000 mg
of Drug A will NOT give the same results
as 1000 mg of Drug B.

Moderate doses of 4-AD are equipotent
to testosterone. Higher doses I think
are not.

4-AD has basically “shot its wad” at
about 700 mg/week, and you’re getting
all the gains you’re going to get out
of it at that amount. Testosterone on
the other hand still delivers further
gains with further dosing beyond 700

Once already using say 700 mg/week of
4-AD by injection (which really should
be in an ester form, e.g. 4-AD-EC) then
to get further results, you need to
stack in a Class I steroid.

As to why 4-AD-EC is not available
as an injectable, it’s not that it
wouldn’t be a perfectly good and legal
anabolic steroid absolutely able to
stand equal with illegal pharmaceutical
steroids, but it’s that it isn’t available
for that purpose.
4-AD-EC is a Biotest invention (patent applied
for) which no one but our manufacturer is making. Personally I’d like seeing GAC making
an injectable of it but I don’t know if
we’re going to be supplying it or whether
he’d be interested.