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androstat 150 cyclo poppers

I was considering taking this supplement and i was wondering how many miligrams i should take daily and what my cycle should look like? 4 weeks on then 4 off? i am new to andro, so please steer me in the right direction. thanks alot!

I wouldn’t waste your money, if I were you. Get some Mag-10, it actually works.

Andro is a very good supplement but is very mild as well, but for a sup. not bad. If you are really wanting to take the poppers, they are good they have been tested. the problem is half life of those things is only about 4 hours so you would have to pop one in about every four hours. If you have not yet purchased them go for the 4adec from biotest, it’s far better and lasts a lot longer in the blood. Don’t know the reason for the difference of it in terms of lasting longer from one to the other. anyways, type in 4-diol or andro on the subject box and hit the subject word and you should come up with some good stuff, also read the andro wars in the online magazine from previous issues, they get down to the point there.

choad, the pinnacle product now has the same ingredients as mag-10,but i think in lesser quantity.

IMHO Pinnacle stuff really sucks. I bought some Juiced Protein to up the Myostat dose and IT TOTALLY SUCKS! I can barely digest it. Also, the original poppers were terrible compared to the Kaizen and Ergopharm versions. They didn’t disolve and tasted terrible. Plus, the new ingredients are so underdosed, the should hardly be even counted. 2 mg of A1E and 15 mg of 4-AD-EC? Why bother. Same old 4-AD in a a shitty pill that doesn’t disolve…


Bump to the top for more feedback on all Pinnacle stuff. I haven’t tried any of their products, but thought they made quality stuff. I think some of the T-mag staff thinks highly of some of Pinnalce’s products so who else has tried Pinnacle stuff?
Edog, I’m surprised you can’t digest the Myozap. Do you think it’s the protein or Myostat blocking ingrediants? I was thinking of trying it but I have a pretty sensitive digestive system…

My brother used the poppers with a good deal of gains. I think he was using em twice a day with a huge bump in protein. He’s a college student, so it’s not like he has a lot of $ to toss around, but I know he would use em again (although he’s planning on trying the mag10 once he scrounges the cash!)

Poppers were an improvement over pill form andros, but are nothing conpared to Androsol and Biotest 4-AD-EC (or MAG-10 if you want a stack.) It’s all in the delivery systems baby!