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What kind of results have some of you seen from using Androsol by itself or in conjunction with other biotest supplements?

What can I expect to see or gain from a cycle of Androsol?
Greg Gonzales

4 to 7 pounds per cycle is typical. A pound of that might be water, but that’s not true for everyone. Those that don’t gain at least a couple of pounds of muscle are usually not eating or training correctly (usually it’s diet related- not getting enough protein or overall cals per day.) The best I’ve ever heard is 15 pounds in two weeks. That’s not typical of course. The best I’ve ever done is 7 pounds in two weeks, kept 6 of it. Following a cycle with Tribex-500 and/or Methoxy-7 seems to work very well. Vitex might be another good supp to follow with or even use concurrently with Androsol.

My brother gained ten pounds during his first cycle, and about 12 pounds his second cycle. I didn’t keep track of my weight, but it was about the same. We both use tribex along with the androsol. Strength went way up as well. A little of the weight gained was fat because we were eating A LOT of food. Both weight and strength were retained post cylce.

I gained about 12 lbs and have maintained the strength and weight as I finish the 6 week cycle with methoxy and tribex. Im doing gvt 2000 for the first 4 wks then finishing with a 5x5 routine for the last 2 then will start over with another 6 wk cycle. with the first 2 wks being andro in the morning and norandro in the evening again. the only things holding me back are my diet - I usually get plenty of protein and calories but I think Massive eating style would seriously improve things as I think I would have gained a bit more muscle and less fat. I also - now dont laugh - use a bowflex and chinbar and im sure the lack of free weights is hampering my gains a bit. More sleep is necessary as well but Im happy with the biotest products so far.

the worst acne I’ve ever had!!!..didn’t stay on it long enough to see any real gains…

I have minor acne but it clears up when on Androsol. Comes back after, no worse though. Weird.