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In issues 118 and 121 it was mentioned on using Androsol sprays 7 to 14 times aday. I have done two cycles so far and liked the results. What bennifits and possible downfalls are there from using Androsol 10 times a day during the 4 weeks between cycles. Has anyone tried this and what did they see. I also use Tribex on the 5/2 daily cycle.

Mike, I think it’s 7-14 sprays a day, not one spray 7 to 14 times a day.

Iguess I should rephrase that to say one dose per day of 10 sprays.

We have an exciting new protocol being studied that
very likely allows excellent results from Androsol while
causing very little inhibition. In a few weeks we should
be able to report the results.