Allright T-dawgs, this goes out to anyone who has used Androsol. I work out at 5:00am, but I apply about 75 sprays of androsol on about 4:30am and another 75 sprays at 9:00 to 10:00pm at night then go to bed. What I’m searching for is optimal results. So far using the stuff this way along witha thermogenic really gets the work out rocking! Does a shower after about 2 hours affect the dose? Or sweating? Looking forward to hearing some other results. Stay strong and lift hard

I asked this same question a few weeks ago and I think it was Bill that responded saying that a light shower and allowing yourself to drip dry would be OK, but if you shower with soap and towel dry, you are getting rid of the Androsol. I would suggest applying androsol after your early morning workout since your 9-10 p.m. application is good for atleast 10 hours, so that would get you through your early morning work out.