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ok ive put a lot of messages on this board and have gotten some pretty good responses. I just turned 17 and I NEED to be 240 by this summer, i am a pretty easy gainer… I am using methoxy… tribex…which i take the maximum amounts. Grow! and advanced protein… IM also doing the get big / massive eating diet… im 220 right now about 12% bodyfat… it is totally imperative i reach 240… people say i shouldnt use androsol but i hear so much about the gains used by it… i also just ordered power drive (for my strength) and 3 bottles of surge… should i wait till im done using all of my surge and tribex and methoxy before i try androsol… or should i start it now? very important!

My first question…why do you need to be 240 by summertime? Secondly, you have about 3 months to do it…and it sounds to me like you have everything lined up pretty well. (Actually I am rather impressed by this post…pretty good detail…not too bad.) Why don’t you first try everything in your arsenal for about a month and a half…see how you do? From what Bill says androsol isn’t too hard on the system, but you are 17, and if you are an easy gainer, your body is probably awash in T right now, so why take the risk…even if it seems to be minimal from what Bill says? That is my 2 cents…give it a solid six weeks…and see how you do…from what I see in your post, you have just started all of the above…so see how it all works before resorting to prohormones…they should be used when your stuck…or when your growth slows down. Others might disagree with me…but I prefer to be conservative.

I would take a couple hours and do some research on the T-mag site for Biotest Supplement stacks. If you have unlimited money, just take Methoxy for the whole time; Tribex 5 weeks on, one week off; ZMA every night; Surge after every workout; 2 grams of protien per lb of bodyweight a day; experiment with Androsol on an increased recommended dosage schedule (stack it with all the other stuff); and take the Powerdrive too. If you can afford it, I bet you’ll see some gains from such a supplement stack.
If you have limited $$, Use Androsol for 3 weeks, Tribex for 3 weeks. Use Methoxy the whole time. Good luck!

ill probably wait for a few weeks to see how my stack of syntrabol, methoxy, tribex, and zma do… thats what im taking right now… i have been for almost 2 weeks…i just really need to get to that weight because it was my goal and im doing it for football… and wrestling… ill be very depressed if i dont make it… haha trust me on that one!

might I also say that methoxy is super expensive! and to get all of that shit is a Dickload! ive read that many people think that androsol is the best shit … many times that of methoxy… i can get money easy. .but not 300 bucks a month hah