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I just ordered my first cycle of androsol and I was wondering what steriod it resembles most. I was thinking of taking it with finaplex.

It most “resembles” testosterone “chemically”.
It stacks VERY well with fina.


But, resemblance in chemical structure often has little do with how a compound behaves in the body. What looks like “big changes” may wind up changing receptor binding or selectivity very slightly, while a change that looks tiny may totally change binding or selectivity.

So Brock is right, but in terms of how it behaves, 4-AD
seems not to act like testosterone in that testosterone binds pretty well to the androgen receptor, as well as having good non-androgen-receptor-mediated activity; and
so T has no real deficiency and anything will add well to it.

4-AD on the other hand at high doses seems to saturate the non-androgen-receptor-mediated pathways, since adding Dianabol doesn’t seem to help results, but definitely 4-AD at high doses does not saturate the androgen receptor, since adding a good androgen receptor binding steroid like trenbolone greatly boosts results.

So, in my opinion 4-AD behaves most like Dianabol except for not aromatizing and not being liver toxic (it isn’t 17-alkylated.)

Thanks for taking the time out guys. Much appreciated.