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I had a girlfriend smuggle me my androsol in December but she’s no longer in the U.S. Any suggestions on getting Androsol into Canada?

I’ve wondered this myself. Apperently you can order it from the states and no one will notice, so long as order a couple at a time. I haven’t tried this yet but other Canadians on this board have done it with no problem. Oh yeah, make sure you get your invoice sent sepperatly, sometimes our friends at the border like to charge us extra.

Great! Does anyone have any experience ordering it from the US. Biotest wont send directly. Can anyone give me an online store that sells Androsol and will mail to Canada?

Hey Big Chief just order and keep your quantities small like 3-4 bottles. As long as the quantities are small like this they wont’ touch you. I have ordered it and so have many friends up here with no problem. The invoice idea sounds like a good idea. I got nailed for another 39 bucks when the courier came last time with my andro

Just do a search for androsol using google. You will find a decent amount of distributers. Most of them say they will ship internationally and its up to the buyer to check the import laws.

heres an easier route. simply order from biotest – they ship to canada. i ordered 12 bottles and they arrived just fine. there is no problem ordering it from biotest. just be prepared to pay a fee when it hits your door.

I ordered my Androsol right through the biotest web site and they shipped to Canada no prob. at all.