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Just a quick public service anouncement. For those of you that like Androsol, it’s currently being sold at the Vitamin Shoppe for about $23 or something ridiculous like that. Seems like a good time to stock up if you’re in the area; just wanted to let you guys know.

Trev: What state are you from? I live in Northern N.J.,
and I frequent the Vit Shoppees in Little Falls & Paramus. Unfortunately, I have not seen a bottle of Androsol at either
one in over six months …Today I had to order some on the
web, and paid a lot more than $23 :frowning:

Trev, are you sure that you have that price right? $23, maybe you thought it was $23, BUT it was REALLY $32!! anyway, hope you are right! I am going to check it out tom. I have a Vitamin Shoppe 1/2 mile away from my apt!!

damn i was just there today and missed it…ive been considering tryin androsol out as it seems to be the most popular/successful product after mag-10…id definately buy at least a couple to experiment w. at that price…hope i can still capitalize on this deal tomorrow…

i checked as soon as i saw your post on their web site. there is no androsol to be found. damn $23 bucks was an awesome price. All their other stuff is expensive. laters pk

Thanks, sounds like a winner.

I’m in New York, on Long Island specifically. And yes, I am sure about the price. Like everything else at the Vitamin Shoppe, the Androsol is labeled with the suggested retail price; in this case, $59.99. However, then they give their standard discount, which on Body Building/Sports Nutrition items is usually 30%. However, the Androsol rang up as $24.50 (just checked the receipt, sorry about the minor price difference in my original post.) The sales associate said “they” were running a special. Since he said “they” and not “we” I assume he meant Biotest, not the Vitamin Shoppe.

Hey all,

For those of you that can’t get to a Vitamin Shoppe, it seems that dpsnutrition has Androsol for 28$. That’s not too bad…

DPS nutrition has the lowest prices i have found for almost all supps. I don’t order from anywhere else.

Which store on Long Island? The one in sysoset had Nandrosol at around the same price about a month ago. DPS is by far the cheapest distibutor of Biotest products.

Try fitrx.com.

fellas just rolled by the vitamin shoppe at astor place (NYC)-picked up the very last bottle of this stuff for $23.98. good deal indeed, will check out some LI vitamin shoppes when i get home

First, I would like to say…“Trev, you da man!” I just bought the last 2 bottles of Androsol for $24. Can’t beat that!! And I just wanted to let you Long Islanders no that the Huntington Vitamin Shoppe is OUT of Androsol b/c of me. So when heading to your next LI stop, skip the Huntington location!!

I bought mine at the one in Syosset, but I stopped in at the one in Carle Place on Glen Cove Road, and they had a few bottles. Check it out, if you’re in the area.

not to get too off the subject, but how does the new 4-ad-ec stuff compare to androsol other than being oral?

It sounds like you guys really like androsol. The store I work in has two bottles lefton the shelf, and maybe more stashed somewhere. I have no intention on using prohormones for at least a few months, but should I buy them anyway. For those of you that have used this and 4-AD, which do you prefer? I will obviously not spend the money now if there is no reason.

I work at a vitamin shoppe and you would be lucky to find any sig quantity of androsol around- my store is out and most other stores in the area are as well. It was 24.50 because it has been discontinued, not some sort of promo or anything, it was discontinued, therefore VS marked it down.

Has Biotest stopped making Androsol?? Also, does anyone know what the shelf life is of this stuff Ive had some sitting around for a couple of months…is it still good to use??