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Would taking Androsol before a mountain bike race give an edge ie: endurance, power?

It does have a CNS effect and certainly wouldn’t hurt, but I think Power Drive and a tab of MD6 would be better. There was also a study done a Tribex and endurance athletes that showed improvement. T-mag did an article called “Win that Race”, a Short Topic I think, that you may want to look up in the archives.

Taking MD6 before any exhaustive cardio event like a MTB race is asking for trouble. Believe me, I’ve done plenty of MTB and road races and you don’t want anything that will place more stress on your cardiovascular system. You would get a nice effect by using 4-AD-EC or MAG-10 the night and morning prior, though. Power Drive is also good. Try using it at least several days leading up to the event. And don’t forget to use Biotest Surge immediately after all hard training rides and races. Good luck!

Ditto on the MD-6, i.e. don’t do it. If you want to do a search on my name you can get some background. I have beat the drum on this several times though, so I don’t feel like repeating myself.

I agree with no MD6. I made the same suggestion (use MD6) one time and everybody quickly explained why I was wrong.

Powerdrive for sure. Go ahead and use androsol. I notice absolutely no CNS effect from androsol or 4-AD-EC, but many do. If you've got the stuff, at the worst androsol will do nothing for you and at the best it will help you out.

It's worth a shot.

I’ve been taking MD-6 now for a year. I’ve had good results either taking before a hard ride or a race.I feel it gives me at least a 5% increase in performance. Steve McGregor I have searched the forums and have found nothing about MD-6 and cardio events. Could you either send me a link or shine some light on this.

I ran the search myself and the threads did not come up for some reason. So, here goes again. MD-6 is intended to be a thermogenic compound. Thermogenesis entails elevating the body’s metabolic expenditure (oxygen consumption) above what would normally be required. This results in elevated caloric consumption and fat loss. This is entirely antithetical to success in endurance sports. VO2 max is not even a great indicator of success, but efficiency is. Efficiency (or economy) is doing the most amount of work with the least amount of oxygen consumption.

Now caffeine on its own is ergogenic for endurance sports due to various mechanisms. Caffeine and ephedrine are ergogenic for bouts at, or above VO2 max. Most endurance sports though are performed longer than 15 min and at 70-90 % VO2 max. So, to do work at 90 % VO2 max while taking MD-6 (or any other thermogenic compound for that matter) will require 100 % oxygen consumption (guesstimate). So, something has to give, you either have to slow down so you are only consuming 90 % VO2 max (and doing less work) or continue. If you continue you will blow up though. This would be exacerbated in the heat. Heat exhaustion is quite common in boneheads who have supplemented with Eph/Caff and can't even turn the pedals at 60 % VO2max, but their heart is beating out of their chest.

Sometimes the neurostimulatory effect will make you feel like you are performing faster, but you are likely not. The one caveat to this would be in the last 10-15 minutes of a competition. For example, pro-cyclists will wait to the last 10-20 k of a road race and take some stimulant. They are close enough to the end of the race that glycogen depletion and lactate accumulation are not a problem, and the neurostimulatory effect will give an effective kick.

I often recumbent bike, usually for an hour, and my HR generally stays between 65 to 70% of max. Taking MD6 before these sessions has been a habit for some time now. As a regular forum reader, maybe I should have known better. But subjectively, the supplement noticeably improves my mood and energy before cardio. So, is MD6 be counterproductive even in this non-competitive, less intense scenario? (P.S. I still use that Ford assembly line analogy. Go Wings!)

If just using cardio for fat loss and fitness, it should not have a detrimental effect, especially at that intensity. It appears as though, at high intensity, Eph/Caff accelerates glycolysis. This would not be desirable when doing cardio for fat loss. At low to moderate intensity though, this does not appear to happen, so it should be alright. Regardless, if it improves motivation it is probably better than not doing the cardio at all.

Don't get me started on the Wings. Nothing like buying yourself a stanley cup. Kind of like some pencil neck winning the Mr. O, because he spent a million bucks on roids. You never know though, sometimes being too good is a curse. They may end up screwing the pooch in the first round. I would laugh very hard. Sorry, I'm a Habs fan, so I have a lot of pent up angst.

Thanks for your prompt reply and the good news.

Didn’t mean to stir your angst. I think it was ’94 that the Wings ran into Irbe at San Jose, and you know what happened last year (when I had the misfortune of actually living in L.A). So the pooch is not safe. But, to use your own analogy, millions of pencilnecks use roids, and none has ever won the O, so it may take more than money. Thanks again.