I spend my winters lifting weights and mountain biking.Then in spring I hold off on the lifting and concentrate fully on mountain biking. My question is would taking androsol before a race give any benifits? ie strenght, stamina, endurance?

No. You would be better off using MD6 or powerdrive.

I noticed much more strength and endurance in the gym when I used it prior to lifting.

I do mountain biking too, and was considering Mag-10 for its quick muscle recovery day after day, though I wouldn’t expect it to help the biking much. I’d be nervous about using any stimulants like MD6 though, my heart rate maxes out on the bike as it is. Powerdrive does sound good. I like the idea of using a bit of surge in the camel back too (if your sport requires these). Never tried it, but Ribose might be worth a look in as well.

It really depends on the person and how sensitive they are to the 4-androstendiole, how quickly they absorb it etc. I believe this was answered in-depth by T.P. in a wayyy previous behind the scenes column. In my case as few as 25-30 sprays an hour or so before a workout definitely improves aggressiveness and workout intensity. If it were me and I had a race saturday morning I would probably start androsol the day before on friday morning, evening and then again about an hour before my race on Saturday. Experiment with it a bit and see how it effects you…One negative thing that could happen is you might find it causes your legs to pump up too much when cycling, especially if you’re using it consistently throughout the week but with limited usage this shouldn’t happen. Power drive will definitely help with focus for most people but I would stay away from MD6 as it will tend to elevate your heart rate and might compromise your cardiovascular endurance.

I’ve gone over this before, but I would not use MD6 before an endurance workout. The exact thing that makes MD6 effective as a thermogenic agent, makes it ergolytic for endurance activities. Endurance performance is all about efficiency. MD6 will decrease efficiency by increasing VO2 at a given workload. It is true that the eph/caf combination has been shown to be effective during short bouts (10-15 min) of endurance activies, but those are activities that VO2max and anaerobic metabolism contributes to a great deal. I imagine that you are not going to go out and ride your mntn bike for 15 min. Power drive might be okay, but again you want to avoid excessive neurostimulation, that would decrease efficiency.

Androsol would be good for assisting in recovery if training on successive days.

A sublingual or oral 4-AD dosage an hour or so prior to a workout will enhance the workout by stimulating the CNS.