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This is a ? for Bill or Brock. Regarding Androsol. How long does it take for the substance to completely permeate the skin after
applying. I ask this because if you were to shower say 12 hours after an application, would
this mean 12 hours on or would it have all been
absorbed by then making the fact you showered irrellevant? One last thing. Would it be better
to use one application of 70 sprays or two applications of 35? 1000 thank you’s

IMO, it’s far better to use 70 sprays of Androsol morning only, than 35 sprays twice a day! Reason: the morning only regimen doesn’t interfere with the body’s natural night time sleep-cycle “T” production too much. If you’re going to spray twice a day, you might as well use 70 sprays each time.

I don’t know specifically how long it takes 4-AD to penetrate the skin, but I would assume that absorption begins shortly after application. I know for a fact though, that you will not get the compound to “completely permeate the skin”, the efficiency of transdermal absorption is definitely well short of 100%. I would expect 2 applications to be better than 1, not only because of the reduced likelihood of developing a layer of 4-AD that cannot be absorbed as well (I don’t know if your application area is big enough so it wouldn’t be a factor), but also a more continuous elevation of 4-AD levels in the body.

I may have exaggerated a bit earlier when I said:
“If you’re going to spray twice a day, you might as
well use 70 sprays each time.” Have used both
protocols - “35 sprays day and night,” and “70 sprays
day only.” Results: with the 70 sprays day only
protocol, I got much better results in the weight
room, plus I fared faaaarr better on the early
morning “wood/stiffy” test.