If anyone out there is using or have used androsol PLS give me your feed back.
When I got the andro the guy at the store asked me why not buy animal stack instead it has a lot more stuf in it? Well I stuck to my guns and got andro anyway I have been using it for 3 days. It said to put 70 sprays 2 times per day .can you put like 45 sprays 3 times per day and will it do the same thing cause for 70 spray at once I have to overlape 2 to 3 times and than its to thick?
But I still wonder about the Animal stack did I do the right thing?

Yeah you did the right thing. The animal stack ain’t got shit on androsol. I loved that stuff when I took gained like 8 pounds in a 2 week cycle, the stuff is great. Just stick with the protocal 70 twice a day I’d say, there shouldn’t be any problem there.

Ha! That’s too funny. Some of these employees get kickbacks from the company for pushing certain products. I smell that in your situation because anyone who knows anything about the two products would go for Androsol. Animal stack is a crappy ‘kitchen sink product’ from the friggin 80’s!

You made the right choice. Any of the oral products (aside from MAG-10) are just not converted enough into the usable hormones. As for fitting in 70 sprays, spread it out over the chest, back, arms, and legs. Unless you are really small, you should have enough room. Also, if you are really small, you may not need the amount of 4-ad that you get from 70 sprays. So just cover your body twice a day. That should be sufficient.

Thanks! I feel a lot better, and I will let you know in 3 weeks how its going.