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couple questions. are there any other supplements that would be almost considered a must have to stack with androsol? i’m will be doing a cycle soon and wanna get the most out of it, but i don’t necessarily have much money to spend on a whole bunch of other supplements. only possibly another must have. also, would your recovery ability be increase enough so that lifting each body part twice a week be beneficial (i’ve been lifting each body part once a week). those who have done multiple cycles of this stuff, how did you do your best cycle? thanks.

No other must haves in the supplement world, but eat a lot of food (especially carbs and protein) if you are going to do 2 a days and use a double dose (70 sprays/2 times a day) of androsol.

yeah i do plan on making sure i eat. i would do 2 a days but i wouldn’t have time to do it, as i’d have to cut into sleep for that, and that is definitely not cool. but how about hitting each body part twice a week fairly hard?

Sorry, I misread your post. Go for it with regards to the twice a week training per body part. Extra calories plus androsol should give you the proper environment for speeded recovery.

another question: does it matter when you choose to do your androsol cycle in regards to taking your rest week? for example, would it be beneficial to take a rest week right after an androsol cycle and some hard lifting and making sure you just eat a lot? or start after you are fresh soon after a rest week. i’m asking because spring break is coming up in about 4 weeks and i’ll be going skiing and boarding at tahoe and won’t be lifting at all then (unfortunately, but such are the consequences of going somewhere cool for spring break).

It is probably better to do your cycle when you are starting fresh and when you have some time to train after the cycle to help keep the gains during your androsol cycle. In your case, you could probably do the cycle and then take the rest week because the boarding that you will be doing is a pretty good amount of activity. The main problem will be eating good food while you are on vacation. If I were you, I would save the androsol for after spring break unless you are going to use it ASAP for 2 weeks with 2 weeks of maintenance and then your rest week.

It would be best to have your rest week
some time other than the first two weeks
after a cycle. Those two weeks should
be with reduced volume, but still training
bodyparts at least once per week, and
keeping weights relatively high, e.g. 80-85%

thanks Jason N. haha. that’s more or less what i’ve been thinking. i’ve decided to start my cycle this next week so i’ll be able to have a couple weeks to make sure i keep as much gains as possible. and the week of rest will put me around 10 weeks of lifting straight without a rest week so i think it’ll be good. thanks again for your info.