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I am following a your moring only Androsol protocol and occasionaly I have no time in the AM to shower so I apply my 70 sprays without having done so. On these occasions I always shower before going to bed. Is this an issue or am I hung up on minutia?

You don’t have to shower first unless you’re just filthy dirty.

Actually, on the morning only protocol, what is reccomended as important is to make sure TO SHOWER AT NITE BEFORE 10:00PM EVERY NITE TO WASH ANDROSOL OFF BEFORE BED so that your T doesn’t down regulate at nite and have normal T production during the nite so that hopefully you’ll wake up with a good old fashioned woody in the morning. I’ve never tried the morning only protocol but that has been my understanding.

I have always sprayed it on after my PM shower before bed. And I ALWAYS awoke with a boxer busting errection, also have sexually explicit dreams while on Androsol. Normally I dont have many sexual dreams, anyone else experience this?

The evening shower is preferably in theory but in practice it seems to work fine to omit it.

In your case with applying androsol before bed, your woody’s are from the androsol, not T. If applying androsol before bed, it will eventually downregulate T and you need to cycle off so that T will have a chance to be restored to normal. The purpose of the “morning only protocol” is that by applying androsol only in the morning before 8:00am and washing off before 10:00pm, T levels are restored to normal during the nite and T never downregulates and therefore you can stay on this protocol forever and don’t have to cycle because T production isn’t effected to any great degree. However, if applying androsol before bed, this isn’t the case and T will be down regulated.

Ive done a couple Androsol cycles in the past, both were for 4 weeks @max dose(1 application in AM and one before bed)I always came off with Vitex and Tribex for a couple weeks and I kept almost all of my gains. I wast too woried about T downregulation because of my relatively short cycles. Ive always felt that for someone doing a longer cycle (say 6 to 8 wks) it would be a concern, or posibly an for an older guy. But for someone in his 20’s going for a 2-4 wk cycle coming off with Tribex/Vitex(or now M) should it really be a concern?

SoldierSlim, it sounds like you have a sound supp program and are doing everything right. I’ve always cycled like you and had good results. However, I’m in my mid 40’s and my natural T isn’t what it used to be so I’ve been considering the morning only protocol so that I can stay on all the time without cycling as I feel so much better when on.