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could some of you guys who have tried androsol tell me about the results you’ve seen?? i’ve never tried a prohormone, and i’m guessing this is one of the best. any information would be helpful (length of cycle, dosage, etc.). thanks a ton.


I usually gain about 2lbs a week when I am using it and I keep about 50 -70% of it. The
longest I used it for was a month and I gained 10lbs.

I recently went from 232 to 245 in five weeks using androsol. I got a lot stronger on all my lifts. My previous best close grip bench was 275 for 1. After five weeks i did 315 for 2. At one point i was up to 250 but i have since gotten down to 245 so i guess that was water. I also started getting comments from people saying i looked like a monster in the gym. One of my friends said that he didnt even recognize me when he walked in. I know Mag 10 is out and is supposed to be the shit. but you can get 3 bottles of androsol some places for less than you can get one bottle of Mag 10. I think Androsol might be more cost effective for some people. Just my opinion.

Try searching the forum, I did this a couple days ago to learn more about it, dosing, results, etc. I’m planning on using it with a well-laid out plan to try to maximize my results while on it.