androsol vs. 4-ADEC

I want to know peoples opinions and experience with Androsol and 4-ADEC
( which one did people like better, best gains and best overall effects) I don;t know which one to use.
Also I heard that you can go on 4-adec for up to 8 weeks. Is that recommended, and exactly how many milligrams (servings do i take). Could you go on androsol for up to 4 weeks or even up to 8 weeks???

4-AD-EC and Androsol are about the same thing. 4-AD-EC replaced Androsol. It’s oral instead of topical, much easier to use. See the “Pro-Steroid Roundtable” article at T-mag for info. Also “Behind the Scenes” but I’m not sure which one. Also “Supplement Roundup”.

I hate to be a whiney bitch, but for the 100th time, where are you guys still getting your Androsol? I got great results with it last year and want some more, but I can’t locate any. Please help. has got all the goods! has it too.

I’ve actually gotten better results with 4-AD-EC. Androsol worked well, but I see, and feel, better results with 4-AD-EC. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to use.

Although they are essentially the same, I too had better results with 4-AD-EC.

How many servings of 4-ADEC did you do a day???

Androsol because it attracts women like flies!!

In all seriousness there was a thread a couple of months back on the use of androsol and how for many people this seemed to attract women like perhaps some sort’ve “pherome” phenomenon or something to this effect.

It’s amazing how I (or others: it has happened to many others) can come up with a product that has effects that the average person would be certain would make hundreds of millions of dollars
or even billions, like strong increase in libido AND seeming to have an effect in turning women on just from its being on the skin, but actually wind up selling rather little
and having to discontinue the product!

Whereas others can come up with a product no different than anything already available, not the slightest bit special (think of some fat burners sold to the general public for example) and generate hundreds of millions of dollars per year in sales; or come up with an energy drink and sell over a billion per year.

Just goes to show. :wink:

To Bill-
Sounds like a marketing problem to me. I bet if you hit a national ad campaign with it and made it smell good you’d do all right. Gives me a thought- anybody out there a venture capitalist? LOL

Hey Bill, I see what you are saying. I think the thing that got people with the Androsol was the spray on the skin. That is what got me. It is all mental. I just ordered the 4ADEC. I was actually going to by the Androsol for the affect it had on women. Go figure.