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Androsol vs. 4 AD EC

Okay, I know they both have the same active ingredient, but I want to know the truth. Does anyone have any input as to which one worked better for them? I am on a fina/dbol cycle as we speak and I am finishing up the dbol right now, so I wanna take something else and its either androsol or oral 4-ad, then use the 4ad in the am only when i get off the fina. Does anyone have any proof that the oral 4ad will be just as good as the androsol? I want to know if in fact the oral is able to maintain blood levels of the 4ad, or if I should just stick w/the transdermal…but I would prefer oral.

In my experience, they both work about the same. It’s just that the 4 AD EC is much easier to use.

Same results here also…4-AD was easier to use, but had the same results as the transdermal androsol.

I got allot more out of the androsol compared to the 4-AD-EC. I felt better pumps and sex drive was through the roof. Didn’t feel much with the 4AD-EC. I don’t know why but that was what I experienced.

I get more out of 4-AD-EC. Hell of a lot easier to use too.

It was a real shame when they took ANDROSOL off the market. I put on lean weight very easily with 4-AD and a month of ANDROSOL use would usually add 6-8 pounds after the water left me. I’m sure the ester product is great but for me it isn’t. I’ve tried it twice now once for cutting and once for bulking. The cutting session went badly, it was fat fast and I lost way too much muscle and I’ve had good results from it before with ANDROSOL. The other was bulking after a month and a half of continuous 4-AD-EC usage i only put on about 5lbs. after water weight. I beginning to think I have absorption problems with the ester. I would love to try an injectable, thinking of trying it. I must add that I haven’t tried MAG-10 as of yet, even though I have a few bottles in my closet waiting for a bulking session.

4-AD-EC works better for me. And, you don’t have to hassle with applying it or worry about when you’ll shower.