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Androsol vs 4-AD-EC

Guys, out of either Androsol or 4-AD-EC, which would be the better adrogen to supplement with? i like the idea of a topical, but people have been hyping biotests new 4-AD. whats the word?

You can use either according to preference. Most individuals can get I think the same blood levels
from topical administration of Androsol than as recommended oral dosing of 4-AD-EC.

I was about to ask a similar question because I just finished my first week of 4-ad-ec and I’m not getting the same cns feeling that I got with androsol. Also when I was on androsol I felt slightly pumped and vascular 24-7, and especially right after applying. But with the 4-ad-ec I’m not feeling any of this. How can this be if they are both the same product with the same blood levels being achieved. Bill Roberts can you help me out. Same thing with mag 10. No pump or cns but my strength went up.

I hate to ask you to try a larger dose,
since for equal cost effectiveness you
should be able to use only one dose per day,
but try two doses and see what you think.

It could be that, unlike the situation described before of some people being unusually poor absorbers of 4-AD and doing better with the oral, you are an especially good absorber. (For example, in one of our
tests there was one subject who had about
twice the increase of 4-AD levels as anyone else: skin permeability can be pretty variable.)

I hope that’s not the case because I certainly do want the oral product to be
equally cost-effective for users as Androsol.

Bill I already tried upping the dose to two a day when I did the mag 10 because I panicked after the first week of taking it at the recomended dose because I wasn’t getting the cns affect or the pump in my muscles from it. But even at 2 a day I never got the cns affect or pump, just decent strength gains mostly in my legs though. Any thoughts or ideas?