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Androsol vs. 4 AD-EC for Fat Fast

I have been on the mag 10 massive eating plan, and am now on my 2 weeks recovery. Before I go back to Mag 10 and massive eating, I was thinking of getting ripped by going on the Fat Fast diet and using 4 AD-EC. 2 Questions, does it make sense to go on the Fat Fast diet for a couple of weeks before going back to massive eating and mag 10? And, the Fat Fast diet talks about using Androsol to keep the LBM, does the 4 AD-EC work just as well as Androsol? Thanks for you help T Men.

Bump, because I am starting a cycle of Mag-10 soon, and was wondering about the best way to get ripped afterwards. :wink:

4-AD-EC is basically an improved version of Androsol, so yes. But jumping from Massive Eating to Fat Fast is a little extreme. T-mag has always advsed against radical diet switches. Use a couple of weeks of maintenance eating bewtween.