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Androsol use while ill?

I am just beginning a cold, which I expect to last for a few days. Is there any reason I should discontinue androsol use during this illness? Would it inhibit my body’s recovery in any way, or perhaps even enhance it?

akicita, first off thanks for the reply. You need to re-read the message sent by chris lampo . then, re-read your response. (I did not say I wanted big legs, I said I have big legs and want them smaller. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated

If you aren’t too sick too work out, I would probally keep taking it. Unless you would rather quit until you are well and then start over.

When sick, is definitely the wrong time to stop taking androgens. Androgens may improve immunity while they are being used, and it certainly seems that there is somewhat of
a drop in immune resistance after stopping
androgen use. So you definitely don’t want
to stop because of sickness. If it were a
long term illness it might make sense to
reduce the dose to something just a little
over physiological though rather than “super”