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Androsol use for women

Just wondering if any of the women frequentling this site have tried using Androsol - if so, information on what type of doses they used, side effects (positive and/or negative), etc. would be greatly appreciated.


I’ll fess up, and admit that I tried it. I used it for a week. It made me hold a TON of water, so I stopped using it. It also made me really “moody”, my strength really increased, and I also noticed a little acne. I didn’t notice any other side effects, but I may have, if I had used it for a longer amount of time. I will certainly never use it again.

To Princess:

what was the dose you were using (ml or # of sprays)?

now I am certainly not a woman, but I was curious. Why would you wanna take androsol? do you want to look like female bb? My guess is no, and if this is the truth, then you probably don’t need it. I would just recommend some good post-workout nutrition(surge), quality protein, and possibly the new methoxy.
good luck

Well, I have used Nandrosol with great success. I used 7 sprays 1x/day for 2 weeks and gained 8 pounds with no water and no fat gain. Got a little sensitve downstairs however,

I just wanted to bump this up because my girlfriend is also curious. She DOES want to compete as a female bodybuilder but DOES NOT want to take illegal androgens. We know the POTENTIAL risks with androsol but want to know real-world reports from women who have tried androsol.

I think if a woman is ready to take the next step in bodybuilding that she should use Methoxy-7, which is anabolic but not androgenic.

Yes, I’ve heard of a couple of women using Androsol although we don’t recommend it. They used very light dosing (7 sprays twice a day and short cycles). Some report sensitive clits (but no growth i.e. “I got a thumb in my panties.”), increased sex drive, and yes, easier muscle gains. I haven’t heard of any voice changes or anything like that, but I’m sure that’s possible (and irreversable) if she used big doses for an extended period of time.

I talked to a few supplement store owners at the Arnold and all of them said that females are going crazy over Methoxy-7 and many were glad they didn’t risk steroids since Methoxy-7 gave them what they were looking for with no side effects. This was with the old formula; the new should be even better and more economical. So I’d at least suggest that the T-Vixens try Methoxy-7 before experimenting with Androsol or steroids. In fact, I gotta give the thumbs down to steroid use among females altogether.

The only side effects I’ve seen with females and Methoxy are increased sex drive and as my wife says, “bitchiness”. I haven’t noticed the latter but the former seems to be true although I’m not sure why.

I can’t remember what I used for a dosage for Androsol, it wasn’t much, since the bottle is still almost full. Maybe 3 sprays twice a day?

Oh yeah, it had an impact on my sex drive too, how could I forget that?

I tried Androsol since most prohormones don’t usually have any positive effect on me. I like Winstrol much better. :slight_smile:

I am going to try Nandrosol in about 10 weeks

Thanks Chris. We’ve tried methoxy with minimal results. I will clarify that her diet is perfect. She is following massive eating and taking in 3000cals on training and 2500cals on non-training days. Training is also exceptional. We are seeing results with many biotest products but with her very fast metabolism (5’9" 137lbs at 11% fat) we wondered in androgens (androsol) would up the ante so to speak. Any other women with results/feedback to post?