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Androsol use for a 19 year old

Hi guys, I was wondering the what you thoughtof a 19 year old who follows an extremely strict diet(ME combos, low II andGI carbs, flax, fish oil, 1.5 g/lb protein) incorporating androsol into his regimen. I know most people say our bodies oura virtual hormone factory at my age but… I 'm not positive but I thought Chris Shugart or Billl Roberts said that this is not the case and we are not that much different than others. Would the Androsol screw up growth at all? Can I still expect to see gains(I’ve been lifting hard for 4 years). i’d appreciate everyone’s opinion including the staff…and thoe taht have used this at a young age

I say go for it. Im 19 also and I did a month of 70sprays 2x a day and put on 20lbs in that month. Kept all of it used Tribex after.

I’ve seen 19 year olds get very good results from Androsol, even better than older lifters (perhaps because they have “more room to grow” before they reach any type of genetic peak.) I’ve often suggested it to teens who are determined to use steroids. I just tell them to try Androsol first before they do something illegal and possibly dangerous. So far, none have turned to roids since they were satisfied with their results. Just stick to label recs and make sure you’re eating correctly i.e. higher than maintenance cals and at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bw.

I am waiting on my Androsol package, ordered two and getting the third free.

Anyways, did you use Androsol for the whole month without cycling off, isnt that dangerous? And if you did use it the whole month, how long did you cycle off after that month?

Postal, I’m curious if you were working out prior to your use of Androsol. I’ve been working out for about 6 months now, and have gained 22lbs with protein mix, flax oil, and a multi-vitamin. What were you doing before the Androsol, and what were your typical results? I’m 20, and if I can expect to gain even half of what you gained, and keep it, I’ll try my hand at Androsol. I’ve been reluctant to do so, because I wanted as little “outside help” as possible. That was easier to say when I was making very constant gains. Not so much anymore. =(

Bill, I think I am going to give A-sol a try. My questions are. Being 19 do I have to worry bout androsol possibly affecting my growth? Also, can androsol possibly have any effects on my natural t-levels and production(short and long term).Finally do you reccomend the 70 zx a day protocol for someone such as myself? Thanks, I really appreciate all your help

So far as is known, androgens don’t increase
rate of epiphyseal plate closure of the bones, it’s estrogens that do that. However, some androgens, for example testosterone, convert
to estrogens.

Androsol doesn’t increase estrogen levels
so probably there is no problem.

Since androgen use is really not well-studied
in those still in their teens, it can’t be officially recommended but personally I’d think you could do the same as is generally recommended.

The month prior to my androsol cycle was sort of a rest period. I train hard year round for track and field so I had been training hard for a good 7 months then 3 month track season. during the month prior I was just working on my arms and doing cardio, trying to recover from a long track season without becoming totally worthless. I decided to try androsol after my rest period to jumpstart growth and regain lost strength. I started July at 238lbs 17% bf, I did massive eating used 2g protein per pound of bodyweight. daily calorie intake was between 4700-5500cal. I also used Surge post workout. by the end of the month I was 258lbs 19%bf and my strength levels were beyond where they were at end of my season. I did 2 weeks tribex then got some vitex and new methoxy which I’m using now. I’ll go back on androsol in two or three weeks that will give me a little over two months off.

Bill, thank you very much. Postal tahnk you also for posting your results…anyone else have good results to report?

Sunday, I finished my first 3 weeks cycle on androsol(60spray twice/day). I gained 14lbs (5-6-3). 157lbs to 171lbs. I love this ! All girl that I know say “Wow you are so big” “Your arm is to big”. hehe I love it ! I’m now on tribex500, 2-3 cap 2/day. I’ve two other androsol bottles for next cycle. Eat like a real pig, CARBO CARBO CARBO & Protein !
You can search Byp0 on “Author” to find my storie.

Good Luck !