Androsol Usage

Is it safe to go longer than 2 weeks on androsol. I have been using between 30-50 sprays 2x a day for about 17 days. Is this considered moderate usage? Is it alright to use androsol this way for another week? Thanks

What the consensus seems to be here is to hit hard on hormones and for a short duration. It also makes sense. Don’t let your body adapt to an external compound, especially an hormone. I use Androsol as directed, and…wow!

Extending the usage of Androsol will yield more benefits but it simply cannot be recommended unless you have Clomid or HCG. Beyond the two weeks you will experience some testicle shrinkage and without Clomid to boost natural T production while coming off, chances are you will loose most of your gains and fell like shit to go with it. It is basically the same as most steroids. Unless you have something to kick start your natural T production, it is not a good idea to go beyond the two weeks recommended cycle.