Androsol - Two Quick Questions

OK guys,

(1) Where’s the best place to store unopened bottles for a prolonged period of time? Fridge? Cupboard? Help!

(2) How adversely does body hair affect absorbtion? This may have been covered before but I couldn’t find anything.

Thanks in advance guys.

Just bumping this to the top, somebody help!!!

The mag has covered the hair issue many times. I think the Chemical Solution column by Bill roberts has some info.

If you’re talking about a matter of months,
I’d just leave the bottles at room temperature,
but if wanting to store for years, the
freezer would be the best way to store them.

If you have so much hair that a high percentage
of the spray is not reaching the skin but
adheres to the hairs, then you have a loss
of efficiency. Using clippers to trim the hair
to 1/4 inch would improve that and also
improve appearance.