I’m just coming back from a two-week break from lifting, and want to do an effective androsol and tribex cycle - would the following be a good way to do it? - Week one - androsol (70 sprays 2x a day), Week two - androsol (same dosage) + tribex (4 caps 2x a day), Week three - tribex (same dose), Week four - tribex (same dose). If i follow this, how long before i can do another cycle - i know it says you should have a 4 week break, but can that time be reduced if you use ‘M’ too, like with the mag-10/tribex/M stack recommended?

On a related note, ‘M’ is an anti-estrogen product, right? Does that mean the bad effects of drinking alcohol can be countered by the use of this kind of product? just wondering…


From what I read on the board and from personal experience the two week on two week off is a good cycle. If you are using Tribex then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Thanks, i appreciate it.