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androsol, tribex and hairloss

Over the past several months I have used 5 bottles of
Tribex. And about 8 weeks ago I did a 2 week cycle of
androsol - 60 sprays 2x per day. About two weeks ago I
noticed that the hairline about 2" above my temple has
receded a little bit. This kind of freaked me out because
I’m only 24, I have never had any hair loss/receding hair
line before, I’ve never used AAS, and I was not at all
expecting this to happen.

If I stop using the products, will this process stop, or
have I initiated something that will continue even if I
stop using the products? Is there any way to reverse what
has happened so far? Is it more likely the Tribex or the
Androsol that caused this? Do I necesarily need to give up
both products? (I really like the Tribex and would rather
not stop using it.) Thanks in advance for all the help you
can provide.

Also, as a suggestion for future use, I think you should
put a warning on the androsol (or Tribex) that it may
cause hair loss.

I had a similar experience while using Tribex (I haven’t tried androsol yet). The hair loss was minimal and didn’t seem to be the start of anything major. I’m not 100% sure it was due to the Tribex. It could have been a coincidence. However, the guys at t-mag have warned that this can happen.If you have the potential for male pattern baldnes, these products might speed the process up. You might want to try adding a saw palmetto supplement to your cycle. Otherwise, just keep an eye on the problem. If it continuesor grows worse, reconsider your use of such products.

I"m not sure about the Tribex, but the Androsol does have a warning concerning hair loss. Sad but true, anything that is anabolic by being an “androgen” will also promote hair loss in those with the genetics for male pattern baldness.

You must have the genetics for the hair loss for it to have happened… you had those genetics before taking the product. What has happened is that you “advanced the clock” a little on it, but yes, the process will continue even if you don’t use any androgens ever again, just from your natural androgen levels.

So perhaps, for example, hair-wise you’re looking at age 24, with Androsol use, what you would have looked like at age 24 and a half.

Look into Propecia if you are worried about this (actually Proscar is cheaper, divide it to get 1 mg/day), and also look at azelaic acid and minoxidil.

Follow up question for Bill Roberts: I’ve heard that guys
use gear that doesn’t convert to DHT such as trenbolone,
methenolone and stanzolal in order to prevent hairloss.
The theory being that these will shut down natural androgen
production to avert DHT creation and replace it with
something that won’t cause hair loss. So Bill, would any
of these work for that purpose?

Another hair question for Bill: I just read about this
new “pro-steroid” nandrolone product in Tim’s latest BTS,
and I’m wondering what effect that might have on my hair
loss. Nandrolone is also known for not promoting hair loss,
so I’m wondering if I might be able to use that w/o
accelerating the problem? Thanks.