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Androsol/Tribex 500 Cycle

Im getting ready to do a cycle of Cell-Tech, Androsol, and Tribex 500. I plan on loading on the creatine for the suggested 5-7 days, then maintining at 10g/day. I have never used Androsol or Tribex 500 and I don’t know what a good dosage for them would be. I keep reading all of these different messages saying that 1x 70 sprays/day is better, but others say that 2x 35 sprays/day is better? Please tell me the best way to use both supplements, with the maximum dosage, also how long should I use the Androsol/Tribex for? Please let me know, Im ver confused as to what to do to achieve best gains with minimal side effects. Also, where do you apply it? Do you rub it in? Any details would be appreciated. Finally, does Horny Goat Weed raise testosterone levels at all, and does it work (make you horny)? Thanx

The recommended maximum dosage of Androsol
is 70 sprays two times per day, in which
case the bottle lasts 12 days. Once per
day application of Androsol in the morning,
70 sprays, is a protocol to use if used
for a long term in which it’s desired to
absolutely minimize inhibition of natural
testosterone production. 35 sprays 2x/day
is a budget protocol that still can give
good results.

Androsol is applied in an extremely light
film, a misting really, where 70 sprays
covers basically all of the legs, most of
the front torso, and arms; and back is
optional. The thinner the better.

Tribex is best used after an Androsol
cycle, except that if you’re using the
once per day protocol it’s probably beneficial
during the cycle as well, at label dosage.
(4 capsules 2x/day).

Horny Goat Weed had no effect on me personally
with regards to libido, but I’m not sure that
it necessarily has no effect on anyone. It’s
cheap enough, so you could try it and not
lose much if it fails.