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Ok, im finally thinking of using andro after researching for awhile. im currently taking cell-tech which has givin me great gains along with eating big. so i want to use tribex, get on androsol, and keep taking my cell-tech, but i was wondering do i need to start the tribex awhile before i start andro? from what i heard my strength is going to go through the roof, i cant wait to see the outcome. so if you could advise me in anyway i’d be stoked. for instance the bottle says take(androsol) 2 weeks on 4 weeks off, do i keep taking the tribulus the whole time? then jump back on andro. if anyone has a good cycle, hook me up…i appreciate it - thanks. >JF

Are you kidding me…save your money for the real thing, Cell-Tech stings your throat and bloats the hell out of you…

The real thing? What do you consider the real thing? I’ve tried a grip of creatine products and have never gotten results like I have from Cell Tech before. I went from pressing 80 dunbells on the incline, to pressing 120’s if you don’t call that gains, then I don’t what is. So to answer your question -NO I’M NOT KIDDING! Now, if someone can awnswer my question which was about androsol and tribex, and how to use it best, i’d be thankfull. I don’t need criticism, just advice…thanks.

Try checking out some past Behind the Scenes. If I remember correctly, you start the Tribex after the Androsol 2 weeks, taking it for three weeks.

OK, ok sorry i guess i offended you by talking about a product other than a biotest product- my bad. now i wish i could go back and take cell tech out of my question in the forum, so i could get the information i was looking for.