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Androsol to Nandrosol

I bought both the Androsol and the Nandrosol. I used the Androsol and it has been two weeks. Is it too soon to start using the Nandrosol now? Or should I wait 4 weeks? What have you guys done? Thanks!

I would probably wait the 4 weeks off just to be safe.

Anyone else have any input for me! Please!

It’s better to be on only about 1/3 of the time. From the standpoint of doing 2 weeks “on,” 2 weeks, “off,” then another 2 weeks “on,” at this point you have caused yourself no problem, but I wouldn’t recommend continuing on with this pattern. In fact, since you’ve been “on” 4 weeks, but “off” only 2 weeks at this point, it would be better to take 6 weeks “off” after this second cycle. So, take your “off” weeks now, or take them later, but overall there’s no getting around the fact that being “on” a higher percentage of the time increases risk and incidence of side effects, whereas the 2 “on” / 4 “off” system really keeps these
down to essentially nothing except perhaps acne.