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Androsol tips

My first cycle of androsol is coming up soon and i was wondering if anyone has any tips like pre cycle, during teh cycle, and post cycle. WHat protocol works best for you, anything that would help

Shoot for two grams of protein per pound of bw. Keep a food diary. Increase your training volume. 70 sprays twice a day always worked best for me.

Best protocol for me: Spray half the body with Androsol, half with Nandro (if you can still find any - my local shop has a ton of Nandro, and I had to order the Andro directly from Biotest). Stack at least all of the “on times” with Tribex-500, the break week in between the two micro-cycles, and at least the first week after the 2 week on time.

The cycle: 3 weeks on, 1 week off, 2 weeks on, 3 weeks off…

This has worked best for me - your results may vary.

It doesn’t seem to kick in until the second week for me, so I had better results from longer (3 week) cycles instead of the recommended 2 weeks. Try to time your cycle so you have a sexual partner available during the third week, you’ll need it.

Start keeping a food log if you don’t already. You’ll need to know your maintenance calories so you can know how to adjust it upwards for maximum results, I usually add 800-1000 calories per day while on.

thanks guys i will try to meet all the dietary recommendation as well as have another bottle available to use if two weeks isn’t enough…I am planning to start my 2-3 week cycle during Ian king’s limping/ super strength program what phase do you think would be best to be “on” for?

What phase to be on for is a tough question… If you follow the protocol I gave, you can be on for part of every stage (2 complete cycles), Although you’ll still be in the middle of a cycle at the end of the 12 weeks (plus 2 for your rest weeks!).

thanks steve-o, does anyone else have any idea as too which pahse to use the androsol in a super strength/limping program?