Androsol / Testosterone Synergistic?

This may sound silly, but would combining testosterone enanthate with Androsol be a complete waste? I know Enanthate is gone in about two weeks, so it should work for a two on four off cycle. I am looking for an extra kick to the test, something like dbol. I just don’t know whether this is overkill, or if they would add anything to one another. I also want to avoid testicular atrophy as much as possible.

No doubt adding testosterone enanthate will add a lot. In fact a couple of people have done that and reported the results to me, and felt that they got considerably more results than they’d have expected with just the enanthate alone. (And more than I’d have expected from the Androsol alone.)

wut should the doses be like? and since it leaves your body so quickly can it be detected if u r tested a couple of weeks after use? how long should u be off winny and primo before it is detected?

For a 2 week cycle, 750 mg of testosterone ester (enanthate, cypionate, or Sustanon) on day 1, and that’s it. For longer cycles, 500-1000 mg/week for the recreational bodybuilder or health-conscious athlete.

I’m not up on the latest trends in drug testing… it’s always advancing. Brian Batcheldor would know. Winstrol has a tendency to hang around for a surprisingly long time; Primo, I don’t know. Being synthetic it might be a long time.