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Androsol, test or celltech?

I have been dieting for 4 monthes. I started at 226lbs at 19% Now I am 210 at 10%. I have noticed that my gains in strength and fat loss has stopped. I am starting to feel thin. I was thinking about using some sort of supplement to help build more muscle while keeping fat loss going. I have some test I havent used in a long time. I was wondering if I use a small dose like 200mg per week would help my situation.
I also heard about androsol and the rest that T-Mag makes. Anybody have any results with this? I also wanted to try Celltech because my 20g of pure creatine per day didnt do anything!

My diet is basically high protein, low carbs, low- medium fats.

I need help. Thanks.

hmmm androsol or celltech? thats like a choice between monica brandt or roseanne my friend.
id say take you test!!! thats better than androsol and cell tech then after youve cycled off test and of course clomid move to androsol as far celltech goes. try mixing sugar and koolaid into your pure creatine. oh no i gave out the advanced formula.