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Androsol success stories

Whats up t-men and t-vixens. What are ur experiences with the almighty supplement Androsol? I gained 6 pounds myslef. Not enormous but decent.

I had a lot of success with both Androsol and Nandrosol. My first cycle was about 50 sprays twice a day of Nandrosol, and the first week I gained 5 pounds, ending at 5 total. The second cycle was Androsol and Nandrosol, 40 sprays each twice a day. This also gave me really great results, 6 pound gain. In total, on two cycles of Nandrosol/Androsol I have gained about 11 pounds. I have been really impressed by BIOTEST in general, and will forever use their products, keep up the good work guys.

Was that lean muscle poundage?

I’m sure it was, during that time, I even went down in Bodyfat %…to 8%…

A 2 week cycle of Androsol is okay, it improves mood, and accelerates the healing and recovery process. It gives a great pump, and makes you look bigger because it makes you retain water. But if you want real gains, you have to do a 12 week cycle. You never hear anyone talking about doing a 2 week cycle of Dianabol, or doing a 2 week cycle of Deca or Test, etc. If you want Androsol to work like a “real” steroid, then you have to use it like a “real” steroid. The anabolic effects of steroids don’t even usually kick in until week three. I’m not shilling for Biotest or anything, but you need to BUY MORE! But seriously, if you have the self-discipline, buy one bottle per month and don’t use it until you have enough bottles of Androsol to do a SERIOUS cycle.

Interesting what Jason has to say - I would like to see tmag/biotest respond to that

The first week of androsol i worked a very demanding job. I ate a lot but probably not a lot. I didnt gain a pound. I looked in the mirror and my love handles were almost gone. My girlfriend said i looked a lot leaner. Then i didnt work the next week and ate a shit load. My appetite was unreal. I gained 12 pounds that next week. I went from 219 to 231.

Aikidoka, actually I don’t agree with Jason’s
point, except as being a completely valid
alternative approach.

It’s true that generally one doesn’t hear
of anabolic steroids being used in brief
2 week cycles, but that’s because in the
US (not worldwide though) I was really the
first to advocate this approach. It is
a good approach only with short-acting
compounds, which Androsol is, and with
a dose that is sufficient for you (given
your own individual response to steroids)
to make rapid gains during that period.
It doesn’t make much sense with a dose
that for you provides only 1-2 lb LBM
per week or something.

Most people are good responders to Androsol
or Nandrosol at the maximum label dose
and do make gains they are quite happy with,
provided nutrition, training and rest
are there. So I don’t agree that you have
to use longer cycles. That’s just another
also-valid approach (and one which may be
better for some.)

I just started androsol(70am/70pm) on sunday (june24th)with the T-dawg diet(1200 cal/day) and it’s been giving me great results. On wednesday some girl came up to me and asked me if I was in the marines, lol. And today, some people at the gym were asking for workout tips. I think it’s because of the Androsol. It is definitely good stuff.

Bill, can you explain to us what you mean by “short-acting compound” and explain how it differs from a “long-acting” compound? Are you referring to how long it stays in the body? Thanks in advance.