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Androsol ?s

Just got my androsol in the mail, but I’ve got some questions about dosage. Because of work/class/practice, the only time I can lift is early in the morning. Then there’s practice in the afternoon about 9 hours later. I’ve gotta shower sometime, but I’m worried about washing the a-sol off. Can anyone tell me when I should be spraying it on? And one dumber question, should I be using a full dosage on my days off (when, incidentally, I could follow the normal dosage schedule)?

I’d apply according to the schedule that allows the closest-to-even spacing of applications. Sounds to me that if you showered after your afternoon practice instead of the morning workout, and applied then and just before going to bed, you could have your applications spaced reasonably evenly.

Growth is just as or more likely to occur on your off days, so sure, full dosage is recommended.

great, thanks.