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Androsol:Results and Questions

First my results after 5 days of use:

  1. Recovery rate: increased by 100%. I am half as sore for half as long following a workout. I have about 10 yrs experience in the gym and so am quite familiar with my normal abilities in this regard.

  2. Strength: growing fast! Compare workouts:

Before Androsol:
24/04/00 Incline DB Curl - 45lb x 4, 40x7, 40x5,35x5,30x7
25/04/00 Pec Dec - 185x7, 185x7, 185x5

Next workout (Androsol started on 29/04/00):
01/05/00 Incline DB Curl - 45x6, 45x5, 40x7, 40x6, 35x8
03/05/00 Pec Dec - 195x9, 205x5, 195x8, 195x6

So I’m lifting heavier for more reps and more sets. Notice that the improvement on my chest exercise is significantly greater than on my arm exercise. I attribute this to being on Androsol for 5 days vs 3 days respectively.

Good job TC, Tim, Brock, et.al. !

Now for a couple of questions (and thanks for sticking with me).

Q1. Why is the maximum # of applications per day set to two? My thinking is this:
If you apply 70 sprays 2tid that is the same as 35 sprays 4tid. Four applications per day would result in a more consistent level of andro and test in the blood. It would also tax the enzyme system less at a single time. I am assuming that the release of andro is highest immediately after application. So what is wrong with this line of reasoning?

Q2. DMSO. Is it contraindicated with Androsol? I am thinking of applying it with Androsol in this fashion: Right before a workout spray some Androsol (5-10 sprays) on the target muscle for the workout and then apply some DMSO (after the isopropyl alcohol has evaporated) to enhance the rate and quantity of absorption. I know that DMSO works by destroying some of the skins protective layers. Does DMSO interact with (destroy) 4-AD?

Thanks for so freely sharing your knowledge and experience,

The Mad Alchemist

I believe that Bill Roberts has already covered all of these topics on the forum. You may want to try the search engine to find his posts.

Brain: Thats not so helpful. Have you ever tried searching the forum? Not such an easy task.

Congrats on your progress…one question, though…(dont take this the wrong way)…why would you post your improvements on “chump” exercises like pec deck and incline dumbell curls. What about your squats, bench, deads, cleans, etc? If you’re using androsol without these basic exercises, you’re missing the boat. Sorry to pick at you but it just struck me as funny when reading your post that you compared your strength on exercises that should be on the periphery of your program rather than the center.

I just thought I’d post my results here as well … My first go-round with 'sol resulted in an inch gain around my chest/back. Now, unfortunately, I was using during Phase 1 of Ian King’s upper body program, which isn’t a heavy loading phase. But, I was on Jon Berardi’s massive eating plan … and although I didn’t gain or lose a single pound of body weight, I did go from 12.8% body fat down to 11.3% … so I lost fat AND gained muscle. How about that! Today I’m starting my second round of 'sol usage, still on massive eating, and I’m on a heavier-load workout. I’ll keep y’all posted. I’m also taking MD6 and T2 stack, which I’m still wondering if I should since I’m on a high-calorie diet. If anyone can answer this for me, I’d appreciate it.

One certainly could apply 35 sprays four times per day, at about 6 hour intervals, and get the same result as 70 sprays twice per day at about 12 hour intervals, but there would be no added benefit.

I have the impression that you are thinking that Androsol does its work only while the alcohol is still on the skin, and provides only a burst of 4-AD. This is not so. Actually, the peak levels, from the first application, are at about 10 hours. On further applications, levels are about constant around the clock. It is a sustained delivery system.

There is also not a question of “taxing the enzyme system.” The enzyme which converts 4-AD to testosterone is saturated at levels well below what Androsol provides anyhow. You get all the testosterone that is possible to be gotten out of 4-AD. Most of the benefit, about 90% of it I think, is not from the relatively small amount of testosterone produced (a few hundred ng/dL) but from the very high levels of 4-AD produced (several thousand ng/dL.)

Lastly, applying over a particular muscle will not help that muscle in particular. Rather, after going through the skin, the 4-AD is carried away by the subcutaneous blood supply, and returns to general circulation before finding its way to the muscles, and therefore, that particular muscle does not get a special benefit.