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Androsol Replacement?

I am currently beginning the Fat Fast Diet program.

The original plan called for the use of Androsol. Has anything been developed that would replace Androsol, since it is no longer sold by Biotest? I am guessing this may be something like Mag-10 or 4-AD-EC, but I wanted to confirm before ordering.



Mag-10 or 4-AD would work fine.

4-AD-EC is the official replacement, works the same as Androsol, maybe a little better, but without the hassle of spraying. Many just go with MAG-10 though as it contains 4-AD-EC plus another “andro” and therefore is more powerful - but you’re supposed to use shorter cycles.

Ive gained about the same off of 4adec as i did Androsol, but without having to shower twice a day to spray on the stuff and then have my clothes stick to me and have white stuff all over me when i sweated.