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Androsol: Questions about cycling.

In the past , i’ve done 2 androsol cycle(2 week at 70AM/70PM) with good result(12lbs and 8lbs)
Now i’ve 2 bottle and I want gain a 15 lbs.
I have 3 possibility.
Do 2 cycle of 2 week 70AM/70PM (2-ON/2-OFF/2-ON) Or doing two 4 week cycle 70AM only (4ON/2OFF/4ON)
I’m planning to use clomid in the off week and at the end of the cycle.

I know that the only morning protocol work good for cutting cycle but is it good for mass cycle ?

What you suggest me for better result.


Help please!



How about a 4-week cycle with 70AM/70PM, followed by another 4 weeks off.

No risk of gyno with this method ?

No risk at all.

I will do the 4 week cycle :slight_smile:
With followed by 10 day of clomid.
I’m now of day 8m and i’ve gained ~7lbs.