Androsol question

With androgenic steroids, what’s more important; quantity or duration. In other words, would I get better results with 70 sprays/day of Androsol for 4 weeks as opposed to 140 sprays/day for two weeks? Thanks in advance.

Pax vobiscum,
Jason R Baran

i thought i saw that bill roberts posted that duration is better… so 4 weeks on 70 sprays… but i think he said 70 sprays 2 times a day. anything over that doesnt really help

Yes, as a general rule, the same amount
of steroid spread over a longer time
gives more results. There are two exceptions. One is
with doses in a range where the longer
term protocol causes considerably less of a
total gain in androgen because of increased
reduction of natural T due to longer
period of inhibition.

In other words, 400 mg/week of Deca, let’s
say, for 8 weeks will give more results
than 100 mg/week for 32 weeks, and is
a more advisable cycle.

In contrast, 2 grams of T per week for 4 weeks would
give less results than 1 gram per week for
8 weeks.

The other exception is where you’re in a
middle dose range, where the longer term,
lower dose protocol probably is a touch
better but the difference is hard to discern.
For example, taking 1 gram of T per week
for 4 weeks is pretty similar to taking
500 mg/week for 8 weeks.

I doubt there’s a huge difference in
results in the two Androsol protocols
Jason presents here. I haven’t compared
them. Both have had good reports. In theory
I’d guess the longer term one is probably
slightly better, as Spencer said.

Thanks for the input, Bill. I’ll try the 4 week protocol and see what happens.