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Androsol Question

I’m on Androsol since 13day and I’ve gained 7pounds (not bad). The problem is that I’ve gained the 7 pound in the first 8 days and nothing in the last 5 day. I planned to do 28 day On but I don’t want stay on if I don,t see results. Should I take a week Off between the 2 bottle ? or stay On a other 15 days ?

I planned a 15 pound gain for the 2 bottles.

Eat more. Gains should come again in the 3rd week.

The most efficient use of the two bottles (as opposed to fastest results) would be to take a break between the bottles. A few weeks from now (for example 4 weeks) your body will be much more ready to grow again than it is currently, having already just made substantial gains.

I don,t want eat like a pig because I already luck like a fucking chubby on this stuff.
The majority of the gain seem to be water …
I may be planning to do a cutting cycle(AM Only prot.) with the second bottle.

What do you think about it ?

Mike the lib, if you knew Byp0 from his previous posts then you would know he already does know how to eat big. My suggestion is that if you already look chubby then diet for a month and then bulk (not immediately after cut obviously). I did this when I stopped gaining and found myself much bigger than before. Good Luck buddy ~PorchDawg

thank for all answer but I think that I,will take a 2 week off and start a Cutting phase (t-draw style) with Androsol.

Have a nice daY!