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Androsol Protocol

I have been hearing a lot about people doing a morning only application of androsol and this seems like it would be ideal for me seing as how I am off to work at 6:30 and sometimes not back from work until 6-7 and then I have to train after that. My question is does this type of dossage work well? Also how many sprays do you recomend for someone my size. I am @(around) 8% body fat, roughly 150lbs. 5 foot 7 inches tall and just turned 21 years old. Please let me know I appreciatte your advice. Thanks.

also, how long do I have to wait after an application before I can train?

Please someone: I have been reading through all the old issues but I am trying to tailor make this for my needs as much as possible please help me.

search the forum… There is a ton of stuff there. ALSO…see http://www.testosterone.net/articles/165bts.html

I have been searching the forum but you have to realise how many things pop up when your keyword in the search is androsol. I am anciously awaiting getting started on this and this seems like an easy question for someone to answer that has already read it. Please someone who thinks they have some advice take a couple seconds and reply back I have been searching old issues for days. Thanks.