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Androsol Plus Andriol

Hi there, T-Dudes. Can a 2 week Androsol cycle be improved by including Andriol at 160 mg/day?. Second question: Is it a good idea to include Propecia for preventing side effects ( DHT raise) during this cycle?. What dosage?.

Sure, Andriol (testosterone undecanoate oral) at 160 mg/day would add some results, but not much. This is equivalent to only about 65 mg/week of injected testosterone, approximately… not very much at all, almost not noticeable or actually not noticeable.

Sure, finasteride (Proscar, 1/4 tab; or Propecia 1 tab)
would help reduce any increases in acne or in development
of male pattern baldness and there’s no reason why not,
if you have it.

Wouldn’t the inhibition of 5-alpha-reductase theorectically increase T levels since less is being converted to DHT?