Androsol or not?

I’ve been hitting the “Get Big for Bodybuilders Workout” for about two weeks and have seen superb gains (3-5lbs in that short time) and a dramatic increase in strength. I used EAS’s Andro-6 when it first came out and had significant lean muscle and superb strength gains. I’m considering trying some Androsol but am undecided. Will it really make a dramatic increase in quality muscle gain and if so what are some draw backs? Worth the $ or should i just keep with the diet another 10 weeks? I’d appreciate some first hand experience/info. Thanks for input…

I have used 50 sprays of androsol and 30 sprays of nandrosol twice a day. after 2 three week cycles with a 4 week break between I have gained a total of 22 lbs. 2lbs fat the rest lean body mass.

Yes its worth the $. I prefer Nandrosol or a Nandro/Androsol stack though. I don’t like Andro alone. Also, consider adding Tribex to the mix. All of this is waste if you don’t control your diet for your goals.

Are there any side effects I can expect from this stack??

I think it’s the only prohormone I’ve found worth pissing on. I used Androsol over a 2 week period and gained about 4 pounds (real LEAN pounds) with no diet change. However, I would rec. easing a Tribex cycle into the 2nd week of your Androsol cycle (overlap) to help get T levels back to normal once your off for 4 weeks. You’ll have a tougher time cycling off Androsol than Andro-6 as you’ll notice very immediate and obvious effects from Androsol.

2 and a half wks on Andro + no cardio + slight increase in cals + decreased # of sets to failure on each (with spotter) = 13 pounds weight gain.

Followed by 3 weeks of Methoxy and Tribulus + 1 week of no supplementation = loss of 2 pounds

Followed by 3 weeks of Nandrosol with same routine during Andro cycle = 9 pound gain

Followed by 3 weeks of Tribulus and Methoxy + 1 week of no supplementation) = 4 pound gain.

Total gain = 24 pounds.

About to start another cycle next week – will probably be a Andro/Nandro combo – maybe will add some Fina if I can source some. Hoping I can gain another 10 pounds during this cycle.

Most of the weight gain is pure muscle – just a little extra fat gained. Once I start cardio again, I suspect that I will be able to lose the extra fat in several weeks or so while retaining virtually all of the muscle gained.

I’m in my second two week Androsol cycle 70sprays-2x/day. I gained 7 pounds first cycle. I want to try 3 week cycles - has anyone noticed any t-suppression after long Andro/Nandrosol cycles? How long have some of you been on?

Ok, so you guys say Androsol stacked with Nandrosol with give great results, so my next question is what is the safest and most effective way to stack/cycle these two?

Big Chief
I don’t think I had any T suppression after 4 week cycle 4 days after cycle using 6 tribex twice a day my libido has increased and always seems up during my andr/nandrosol cycle.

Rhino, I tried Nandrosol for a two-week cycle and didn’t get anything out of it. No weight gain, no change in mood. Shugart said the “feeling” affects people in three ways. Either you get pumped up when on it, or you feel calm and relaxed, or you don’t feel a thing. I returned the rest of my Nandrosol after the cycle.

I am about to try a two-week cycle with Androsol followed with a 3-4 week cycle of Tribex. I’ll keep you posted. I am the type of guy who doesn’t respond to many supplements and have never made huge gains from something (no more than 2-3 pounds).

As for you, the combination may work. But it may not. Androsol and Nandrosol seem to affect everyone differently. You’ll have to figure out which is best for you. One or the other or a combination of both.

Ok, after much research of articles and your opinions I ordered a Bottle of Nandrosol cause I think I will have better results from it, we’ll see, I also got two boxes of GROW, although I dont think Im going to hit the Tribex after the nandrosol cycle, simply because the Nandrosol doesnt affect T-Levels, any advice/opinions on that, Bill?

I did a 4 week cycle of androsol followed by 3 weeks of a tapering tribex cycle and never noticed any significant t suppresion.(used the morning wood method). I gained 16lbs 12 of muscle over the 4 weeks and retained during and after the 3 weeks of of tribex (used a body caliper before and after to test gains).

I’ve been on Nandro/Andro/Tribex for 7 weeks now @ ~140 sprays/day (combined) and 12 caps Tribex/day. No sides of any kind. If I understand Nandrosol I don’t think a 2 week cycle (10 days) is long enough. If Nandrosol acts like Deca then you won’t see anything in the 1st week anyway. I just think Nandro/Andro work much better if you extend their use much longer. I may go 12 weeks. Its kinda cool cause I can actually switch back and forth between mass and cutting cycles. I’ve pretty much lost my fear of possible side effects.

I think I’m going to switch to 3 week Androsol cycles. I notice that I dont start getting the “feel” until the end of the second week. I usually add tribex in the second week though - maybe this is what’s giving me the “horny pumped feeling”!!!