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Androsol or D-bol

Mr Roberts said in a recent post that Androsol can be substituted for D-bol in a stack with a Class I AAS because they are both Class II drugs. So could you then use Androsol (with Clomid!) for a 4/6/8/10 week cycle as if it was D-bol? And would there be any real benefit in doing both D-bol and Androsol in the same stack?

Yes you could use androsol in a longer cycle as if it were dbol. ive used dbol (classs II) with fina (class I) with testosterone with fantastic results and am now doing the same cycle but with androsol instead of dbol with the same effect. ive decided on the androsol for a couple reasons. number one it doesnt aromatize in its own state like dbol does so less estrogen floating around and therefore less water and gyno potential. number two for me its cheaper. i can get thailand dbols for 50 cents canadian and up here can get androsol for $40 canadian through a store my friend owns so while both are cheap for me, the androsol is cheaper over a two week period. 10 dbols a day means 140 in two weeks for $70Cdn compared to a bottle of androsol for $40Cdn in two weeks. also no there is no benefit to stacking androsol and dbol. bill roberts has addressed this at length already on this forum.

Cheers Chris. I suspected you could just substitute the Androsol for the D-bol, and I’m glad to hear you had some good results. It’s cheaper for me to use D-bol, but I’ve got 3 Androsol to use so I’m gonna try that first with some Primo Depot. Then the next cycle I’ll get some D-bol instead of the Androsol to see if it makes a difference. Not exactly a double blind test :wink: but it should prove a point - if only to satisfy my own curiosity.

Wow, so Bill Roberts is not exagerating about the Androsol/D-bol thing (sorry I ever doubted you man). I’ll nix snagging the Dianabol today, even though it is a bit cheaper than androsol. Maybe I’ll keep more hair this way. Just curious though chris, how much dianabol were you adding to the test?

I used 10 dbols/day which is the equivalent to 70 sprays 2x/day.

I would go with Dbol stupid!! It is much more powerful than androsol! Wake up!

Dbol are you an idiot? do you have a selective memory or are you new here? the most informative person on here with regards to steroids is unarguable Bill Roberts. Read his posts on the subject. he stated point blank that when he compares the two in prior usage that androsol at 70 sprays 2x/day and 50mg dbol/day are the same thing in terms of effect. they are both class II drugs and have poor affinity for the androgen receptor. educate yourself before you make yourself look like an idiot. have you even tried androsol? i have and i never gained 12lbs in two weeks on dbol.