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Androsol or Cyclodextrin

Ok I have questions regarding Androsol and Cyclodextrin. First of all I see the average amount of 4-AD in the cyclodextrin bottles is 1.5 grams. Now there is 12 grams of 4-AD in Androsol for about twice the price. First I was wandering if Androsol has better absorbtion than Cyclodextrin. Now Androsol is slowly absorbed to keeps testosterone levels up for 16 hours. But since most people only workout for 1-2 hours. So I am thinking that cyclodextrin will boost testosterone levels higher than Androsol for those 1-2 hours that you workout since it is all absorbed at one time. I would like to hear other viewpoints on this.

Whether percent absorption is better with
Androsol or a cyclodextrin sublingual depends
on the amount of prohormone in the sublingual
and whether you really do absorb all of
it sublingually, swallowing nothing. (Just for
fun, try making an absolute point, paying
attention, to not swallow for 30 minutes and
see how much spit accumulates in your mouth…
so do you think you aren’t swallowing, unawares, when using the sublingual?)

At low doses like 5 mg or at most 10, the
sublingual is probably in the same ballpark
and could be better if there’s no swallowing.
At higher doses, the excess beyond 10 mg
is there for marketing purposes only – it
isn’t going to be absorbed sublingually.
So percent absorption goes way down, if you
are interested in percent.

Androsol gets blood testosterone levels up
as high as it’s possible to get them with
any kind of 4-AD… the limiting factor is
not the amount of 4-AD Androsol gets into
the system, but the rate the enzyme responsible
for conversion can work.

Also, it’s not the case that there’s particular
value in having high androgen levels during
the workout as opposed to other times, let
alone continuously… there’s no particular
amount of anabolism going on while working
out. It occurs during the next several days.

While you may get a significant stimulatory
effect from androgen, ephedrine would make
a bigger difference.