Androsol or 4ad dc

My friend started using new 4ad after the first week he told me he didn’t get the same rage as the androsol gave him. So is 4ad same as androsol but last longer in the system, but 70 spray of androsol in mg is more than one serving of 4ad, so why don’t you get the rage of androsol when working out ?

I prefer the Androsol because you can use it as a stand alone product or intensify it by adding some Finaplix. I had really good gains with the Andro/fina combo. With the orals you are out of luck because you can’t mix anything with them…or can you??

Only a person on the verge of being a homicidal maniac would get any type of “rage” from Androsol.

Agreed with Avoids. I’ve used bottles of the stuff and havent gotten any ‘rage’.